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    Juice Plus+ 30 Whole Foods in Capsules or Chewables!

    Supports the immune system.

    Contributes to cardiovascular wellness.

    Helps protect DNA from oxidative stress.

    Delivers antioxidants to the bloodstream.

    Reduces oxidative stress.

    Improves skin hydration, thickness, and circulation.

    Reduces chronic systemic inflammation.

    Improves gum health and diminishes gum bleeding.

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  • My Successful Cancer Journey

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    Fighting Cancer is an all out War!
    Read my cancer story and how I successfully overcame bladder cancer without chemo or radiation. It’s vital when fighting cancer that you battle it from all angles! You have to attack cancer 24/7 if you plan on surviving longer than the national 5-year average after diagnosis! All of the natural cures that I discuss can be used for any type of cancer.

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    Brent Wallace: What I do

    I have traveled on the road as a wholesaler to jewelers and goldsmiths for over 30 years. In June of 2016 we discovered that I had a very mean and aggressive cancer that filled 95% of the inside of my bladder. I refused to allow them to remove my bladder which began my journey of curing cancer naturally along with the efforts of my urologist to remove the cancerous tumors. By changing my diet, eating massive doses of plant based nutrition along with other natural remedies and lots of prayer, we have been successful and the cancer is gone! Message me anytime.

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